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Antique Auto Glass for Classic Cars

Peninsula Glass is located in Vancouver, Washington. We specialize in producing the highest quality custom windows, providing quick service for custom tempered and specialty glass products, and now also offer authentic antique auto glass for hot rods, classic and vintage cars. This classic car glass is perfect for classic car restorations.

Our manufacturing facility is located about 5 miles north of the Portland, Oregon airport. We have been successfully serving customer glass needs nationwide since 1975.

Peninsula Glass was originally located in the Peninsula area of north Portland. The Peninsula neighborhood of Portland is a beautiful area with well-maintained modest homes, tree lined streets, interesting shops, and a long history of proud, hard working people.

Tom Kemp purchased the company in 1998. He is a native of Portland, and a graduate of the University of Portland, which ironically is located in the “Peninsula neighborhood” of north Portland. Under his leadership Peninsula has continued to reinforce its position as one of the highest quality window and glass manufacturers in the country.

Peninsula Glass is a fully integrated manufacturer. Our facility includes a unique glass tempering furnace, an extensive array of glass processing equipment, insulated unit production, extrusion bending and forming machines, and the best craftsmen in the business.

Our experienced engineering team consistently provides innovative and practical solutions for our customer’s window and glass requirements. We are large enough to serve your needs, but not so large that we have lost the “personal touch” when helping customers.

Sanders Reproduction Glass, seller of classic car glass, was acquired by Peninsula Glass Company in Fall 2008 and is a welcome addition to the two other brands associated with Peninsula Glass Company- each of which has been specifically designed to cater to your custom glass and window needs. You can learn more about our lineup of premium windows at or check out the endless possibilities for custom tempered glass and ceramic projects at
We have some simple beliefs about business: •

  • Treat folks with respect
  • Make a top quality product
  • Consistently meet all commitments.

This may seem simplistic, but unfortunately we experience too many businesses that have lost sight of these simple concepts.

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